A Comprehensive Guide to Crypto Twitter Marketing Strategies

There is no doubt that the crypto community loves Twitter. It is not very hard to see why if you look closely. This presents a good opportunity for marketers that want to see their crypto projects reach their full potential. Because of this, crypto Twitter marketing should be a key component of any marketing campaign.

But first, let’s see why Twitter is very important within the crypto ecosystem.

What Makes Twitter Special for Crypto Marketing?

Twitter is important for the crypto industry because of the way the nascent space is structured and also because of the social media platform’s features and capabilities.

When Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in 2022, he said that the social media platform will be a digital town square. A digital town square is a public place for free speech. This probably aligns well with crypto, an industry that has been partly shut out of the mainstream media due to its novelty and is under unwarranted consideration as a villain in the financial world.

The numbers are also in Twitter’s favor. As of 2023, Twitter has 450 million active monthly users – although this is a far cry from the nearly 3 billion users that the Meta family has across its suite of products that include Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Most importantly, Twitter can be seen as an open place for citizen journalism. News travels fast and in real-time on Twitter. This is a major factor as crypto prices are heavily impacted by news and developments.

Twitter is also a platform for open discussion. This happens through comments although it is limited in this regard.

So in the end, Twitter is loved by the crypto community. And crypto Twitter marketing can only grow from here. 

So how do you leverage crypto marketing on Twitter? Let’s dive in.

Crypto Twitter Marketing Strategies

There are several crypto Twitter strategies that you can implement. Some are fairly straightforward while others require a high level of planning and execution. Either way, they are not impossible to do.

Set up the Basics of your Twitter Account

Many things become easier down the line if you start well. The first thing is your Twitter handle. This is the word or phrase that people will use to find you on the social media platform. 

Just like your domain name, make your Twitter handle short, memorable, and easily recognized by your audience. Another important fact is to maintain a consistent handle across all your social media platforms. 

The next step is your Twitter bio. Make it concise. Use your bio to mention the sector that you are in and more importantly, what you can do for your community or customers. Also, use links to redirect your audience where you want them to go and see about your brand.

The next things to look at are your profile photo and cover image. Make sure that they are sharp and fully represent what your brand is all about. Remember that the visual appeal of your images can go a long way in bringing people to your community.

Leverage Twitter Influencer Marketing

One of the most important questions that marketing executives have is ‘Can top blockchain influencers successfully promote your cryptocurrency?’

The short answer is ‘Yes.’ The long answer is ‘It depends.’ And there are reasons why this is so.

Influencer marketing is like a Formula 1 car. It is only as effective as the driver behind the wheel. An inexperienced driver can never unlock the full potential of a race car. If anything, the race car may be a danger to the driver and those around him/her.

Influencer marketing needs to be done right for it to yield the desired results. The best way to approach influencer marketing may be to leave it in the hands of crypto marketing agencies that focus on influencer marketing. is a crypto influencer marketing agency that connects influencers with brands. It specializes in YouTube influencers as well as crypto Twitter influencers.

The result is that crypto projects quickly gain brand exposure, spend less money to meet their marketing goals, and see measurable results.

Influencer marketing is a great crypto Twitter marketing strategy because the crypto community usually gets news updates on Twitter and may even follow the recommendations of the influencers they follow on the social media platform.

Post Organic, Valuable Content

You have probably heard that ‘content is king.’ It is still true. As this article has already highlighted that Twitter could be a digital town square, it also means that the content you post is very important.

Posting organic content that provides value to the reader is an easy way of attracting new followers. You don’t have to post regularly or every minute. Take your time in crafting unique, engaging content that pushes the reader to want more from you.

You may post thought-leadership content that positions your brand as a leader in its segment. This can result in journalists and content creators reaching out to you for interview opportunities.

Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Focusing on engagement is a good crypto Twitter marketing strategy. How is this possible?

The previous section looked at the importance of sharing organic, valuable content. This section is about shaking it a bit.

Crypto Twitter is interested in memes. Post some funny memes here and there to attract new audiences. And one day you may hear statements such as  “came in for the memes, stayed for the community/innovation.”

Some of the biggest brands in crypto use open-ended questions to spark debates. Don’t just tell your crypto audience about your developments. Ask questions. By doing this, you are giving your audience a platform to speak and be heard. It is every human’s desire to be heard and listened to. 

Take advantage of trending topics and hashtags to jump on what’s happening at the moment. This quickly drives people to your Twitter accounts. And again, don’t repeat what everyone has just said. Provide fresh angles or humorous spin to whatever is happening. Everyone loves this.

You can also use Twitter polls to engage with your audience. The comment section may spark discussions and controversy. ‘Good controversy sells.’

Utilize Pinned Tweets

It is good to see your Twitter account getting as much attention as possible. However, old posts can quickly get lost and forgotten.

But there are those tweets that you want your community or new followers to see about your project. This is where pinned tweets come into the picture.

Pin the latest tweet about your project’s latest and important updates. This is your chance to sell yourself and tell the world who you are. This is like your secondary bio, but one that you can change as and when you need to.

This is one of the many crypto Twitter marketing strategies that don’t require too much effort. All you need is a good tweet and knowing when to pin it.

Interact with Other Projects/Individuals

No man is an island. You can effectively target users and promote your crypto project by interacting with relevant Twitter accounts.

Identify crypto projects that are more linked to your or the ones that you can directly benefit from. For example, new crypto projects can try to communicate with exchanges to enquire about listings. This shows your community that you are ambitious. And at the same time, you build a rapport with the exchange in question.

The followers of the exchange may want to know more about your project. This way, you may attract some people to your project.

This is another practical example that shows that crypto Twitter marketing strategies should not be complicated.

Giveaways, Competitions, and Airdrops

Everyone wants to win and get some tokens/money for doing little tasks. Organize giveaways, competitions, and airdrops to attract more people to your project.

The majority of competitions and giveaways require users to follow a project on social media and tag a few friends. This brings new eyeballs to your project.

Airdrops are one of the most important crypto Twitter marketing strategies because they add several holders to your project. These people have an incentive to shill or promote your project.

Hire a Crypto Marketing Agency

Effective crypto Twitter marketing strategies can be carried out by a team of experienced marketers. You can hire a crypto marketing agency for this. Here are some tips for choosing the best cryptocurrency marketing agency for your project.

There are so many reasons for hiring a crypto marketing agency, but it all boils down to one thing – results.

As highlighted before, CryptoPromo is your friend in this regard.

Final Thoughts on Crypto Twitter Marketing Strategies

Crypto Twitter marketing should not be hard. And under normal circumstances, it should push the needle when it comes to increasing your brand exposure.

If your crypto/NFT project is looking for an experienced marketing agency to take care of its crypto Twitter marketing needs, get in touch with CryptoPromo today.


May 2024