What Do the Best Crypto Marketing Agencies Have in Common?

You have probably heard of the traits that billionaires have in common, skills that great leaders have in common, or something to that effect. But have you heard of the characteristics that the best crypto marketing agencies have in common?

It is essential to know this especially if you want to hire a marketing agency to spearhead your project’s crypto promotion strategies.

What are the traits that leading crypto marketing agencies have in common? Let’s go over them in detail.

What Do the Best Crypto Marketing Agencies Have in Common?

There are a lot of things that crypto marketing agencies have in common. However, some factors separate the best from the rest. This is what this article focuses on.


The best crypto marketing agencies focus on a few areas of specialization. They continually hone their skills in this area until they become the best and the go-to marketing agency for that type of marketing work.

This is the area that a crypto marketing agency like has mastered. CryptoPromo has carved its name as one of the best crypto influencer marketing agencies that link projects with the leading influencers in the space.

This is very important because it helps crypto projects discover the power of influencer marketing at a low cost while getting maximum exposure and by extension, a return on investment.

As a result, CryptoPromo is building a growing network of YouTube influencers and Twitter influencers that caters to all kinds of crypto projects irrespective of their target market in the world. This approach is beneficial to both clients and the marketing agency itself. 

Projects that work with a specialized crypto marketing agency such as CryptoPromo can be assured of the benefits shown in the image below.

crypto marketing agencies

Some of the benefits of working with crypto marketing agencies that specialize in a few areas. 

If you want to see the best results for your marketing campaigns, it may be best to avoid the so-called ‘jack of all trades and masters of none.’

The Best Crypto Marketing Agencies Value Transparency

One of the interesting things about Bitcoin – the granddaddy of the crypto industry – is that it was created by an anonymous entity only identified as Satoshi Nakamoto.

But this is probably where the buck stops.

The majority of cryptocurrency projects need to dox their founders as a way of gaining legitimacy and credibility. The same rings true for the best marketing agencies.

They are transparent about everything, including their team. The best crypto marketing agencies are upfront about what they can do, how they will accomplish it, and how long it takes them to do so.

This level of transparency is important because it gives crypto marketing agencies room to breathe while they do their work. At the same time, it cultivates a good business relationship between a crypto project and a marketing agency.

Transparency is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best cryptocurrency marketing agency to work with.

Experience Matters to the Best Crypto Marketing Agencies

There is no way you can overstate the importance of experience when looking for the best crypto marketing agency. 

There are several reasons why you should hire a crypto marketing agency for any kind of marketing campaign. This only makes sense if the marketing agency has the experience to carry your campaign from start to finish with little to no hiccups.

Experience should come from the top. Some of the best crypto marketing agencies are founded by marketing executives who have been in the industry for some time. This helps with connections. 

Secondly, the best crypto marketing agencies scout top talent to deliver the best results for their clients. But how do they attract and retain the best talent? This leads us to the next point.

Great Work Culture/Environment

This is an underrated trait and may be difficult to judge. However, you can use review sites to see what former or current employees say about working for the marketing agency in question.

Here are some reasons why a good work environment or culture is vital.

Happiness is key in a work environment. Research carried out by Oxford University in partnership with British multinational telecoms company BT found that happy workers are 13% more productive

Happy workers also don’t need to constantly search for new jobs. This means that the best crypto marketing agencies get to maintain top talent for longer periods. 

Some marketing agencies fail to deliver consistent results for their clients because they are always changing their employees. This cuts productivity as the old employees have to spend some of their time bringing new employees up to speed with their workflow. This is okay if it happens once in a while. But it will have its toll on workers if it is done more than a few times per year.

A great work environment also has more to do with competitive salaries or rates. Do you think that wages affect employee productivity? Higher or fair salaries have a positive impact on worker motivation and satisfaction.

Industry Reputation/Connections

The best crypto marketing agencies are well-connected and have good reputations in the industry. In most cases, this can be reflected by the number and size of their clients. 

Marketing agencies that constantly work with projects with a high success rate can be treated as some of the best in the industry. This opens the doors for them to work with even more promising projects in the future. 

What is the key takeaway here? Always strive to hire a marketing agency that has previously worked with and produced good results for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Marketing agencies also serve different purposes. if you want a marketing agency to handle your content distribution, you want it to have ties to the leading media sites and top journalists. These connections are very important as they can either make or break your project.

Active Within the Crypto Industry

Some of the best crypto marketing agencies are not a team of keyboard warriors. They consist of real people that attend crypto events for various reasons. 

This is because it shows that the agency wants to grow and keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

The crypto industry is young and yet growing very fast. New trends pop up every day. A good crypto marketing agency is aware of these developments and creatively uses them to benefit its clients. Leading marketing agencies also take available opportunities to widen their network of crypto stakeholders.


The best crypto marketing agencies are professional in their dealings. You can check their level of professionalism in how they conduct their communication with prospective clients.

Good marketing agencies also need to have professional, good-looking websites. The aesthetics of the websites can be subjective. But the websites should be intuitive and convey important information. 

Social Media Activity and Engagements

Leading crypto marketing agencies are part of the conversations shaping the crypto industry. The marketing agencies have active social media accounts where they give updates on their achievements and share important developments in the industry. 

Some of the best crypto conversations happen on Twitter. The best crypto marketing agencies are active on Twitter and other platforms such as Discord, Telegram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

The founders or leader of top crypto marketing agencies either hosts podcasts or go to them. In some instances, they sponsor or speak at crypto events.

Delivers Promised Results

This is probably the most important one. A marketing agency is hired with the ultimate goal of delivering agreed-upon results.

The delivery of great results is a mix of experience, professionalism, transparency, and experience. In most cases, the best crypto marketing results ‘tend to under-promise and over-deliver.’ On the other hand, amateur marketing agencies promise to deliver mountains yet the results are only as high as a hill.

This delivery of great results usually leads to more work as they can be easily recommended by their satisfied clients.

Final Thoughts

The crypto industry is a jungle where crypto projects and marketing agencies are always trying to outperform one another.

This kind of competition is healthy and often leads to the differentiation between the good and the bad. As for crypto marketing agencies, the fight for supremacy is real.

However, there are common characteristics that are common to the leading marketing agencies. These traits include professionalism, transparency, experience, specialization, and even the delivery of great results.

While there are many marketing agencies to choose from, not all of them are built the same. If you are looking for an experienced, transparent, and efficient crypto marketing agency that takes your influencer marketing game to the next level, give CryptoPromo a ring. CryptoPromo is committed to seeing your project succeed through the agency’s creative and strategic marketing campaigns.


May 2024