Can Top Blockchain Influencers Successfully Promote Your Cryptocurrency?

Do top blockchain influencers add value to your marketing campaign? This is one of the most important questions that marketers ask themselves when they want a cryptocurrency project to be promoted.

The answer is not in black and white.

There are a lot of factors at play. This depends on how you select the top blockchain influencers to work with, the angle you use to pitch to your target audience and other things.

For the most part, cryptocurrency influencers have a role to play in amplifying the word about projects. If done right, it could be the ingredient that separates winners from losers.

Let’s dive in right away.

Why Top Blockchain Influencers Can Promote Your Project

There are several reasons why top blockchain influencers can successfully promote your cryptocurrency project:

Large, Crypto-Friendly Audience

Top blockchain influencers in the crypto space usually have a large following of individuals who are interested in the space. This means that when an influencer promotes your cryptocurrency, it has a wider reach.

Another important point to note is that crypto is community-based. Influencers have different platforms to engage and interact with their audience. 

Several top blockchain influencers solely rely on Twitter while others leverage YouTube or platforms such as Discord, Facebook, or even Reddit.

How then do you pick the right influencers that contribute to your project’s growth and success? There are several ways to do this.

Let’s say you want to focus on YouTube marketing. You can take the easy route that brings the best results – hiring an influencer marketing agency that does all the heavy lifting for you.

The blueprint for such a program is CryptoPromo, an experienced marketing agency that brings together ambitious crypto projects and blockchain influencers. The benefits of using an experienced marketing agency like CryptoPromo include:

  • Easy access to leading blockchain influencers
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Measurable results that give you insights on how to allocate your marketing budget in the future
  • Speed – time is everything in business. With CryptoPromo, you don’t have to spend a lot of time finding crypto influencers or negotiating deals. You get right to the business end of things – marketing your project. You will have a headstart that could be key in gaining early traction and the visibility you need.
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Top blockchain influencers are usually known for their expertise and knowledge in the growing area. Their endorsements go a long way in lending credibility to your project. This builds trust with potential investors.


Trust is everything in the crypto sector. It is the ‘currency’ that gets you in front of the people that matter. When the right influencers give your project a shout-out, you are assured that your project will be a success.

The top blockchain influencers have built a network of followers that trust their opinion. This is powerful as it could open the door for more investors to invest in your project.


Top blockchain influencers have connections in the industry. This will help your project gain exposure to other influential individuals and communities.

Let’s face it. The majority of crypto influencers are meant to convince retail investors to pile their money into your project. 

What if you are looking for venture capital to gain a significant amount of funding?

The right endorsements by top blockchain influencers can put your project on the radar of one or a few venture capital firms. If you manage to land one big investor, it becomes easier to bring other venture capital firms on board.

Snowball Effect

One of the biggest advantages of using top blockchain influencers is the snowball effect. This simply means that you can use one or a few crypto influencers to induce other influencers to talk about your project.

This, in effect, means that you don’t have to hire too many influencers. You simply need to be strategic about who is initially in your corner. And then everyone will be there.

Success tends to drive more success. If you get it right the first time, you will just need to watch your efforts grow. This is why it’s important to understand the power of crypto influencer marketing and what it can do for you.

People ‘Live’ on Social Media

There are a few industries that have benefited from the rise of social media as much as crypto. The cryptocurrency industry thrives on social media and other content-sharing platforms.

And this is where figures become very important. It is estimated that more than 4.9 billion people have access to social media. And as if that is not enough, an average social media user uses at least 6 social media platforms every month.

What does this mean for your crypto project?

It means that there is a great opportunity to exploit. But it is only those that know how to milk the cow that will get to enjoy the cheese, cream, milk, or even the ice cream.

It all starts with how you position yourself.

While it is obvious that top blockchain influencers can change your fortune for the better, it should also be noted that they can be your downfall.

How so?

Can Top Blockchain Influencers Sabotage a Crypto Project?

The short answer to the above question is ‘No.’ The long answer is ‘maybe.’ Here is why.

Influencers Have a Lot of Power

We have highlighted earlier that crypto influencers (and perhaps all kinds of influencers) wield a lot of power. This power can be used for good. Or bad.

Imagine if a top blockchain influencer decides to use his/her influence to bring down a crypto project. This is possible.

In early Q2 2023, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitgert had to address what it calls FUD after a crypto influencer claimed that the exchange froze his account and stole $20K.

The purpose of highlighting this incident is not to bring up the discussion of who was right or wrong. It is to show that Bitgert was forced to respond because it knows the damage that can be caused by the influencer’s accusations.

This is not the only incident. It has happened before. In late 2022, the crypto exchange Binance had a beef with a crypto trader known on Twitter as CoinMamba.

Large exchanges such as Binance may survive such scuffles with influencers but the same cannot be said for growing crypto projects.

The Rise of Grifters

The rise of top blockchain influencers has also paved the way for grifters or as Bloomberg calls them, “toxic promoters.”

While not all influencers are toxic, some of them are chancers who are in the crypto sphere during the bull run and disappear when the going gets tough.

They disadvantage the crypto projects that they are associated with. These are the kind of crypto influencers that projects have to avoid like a plague.

How to Unlock the Best in Top Blockchain Influencers

here is no need for a Rosetta Stone to find the best crypto influencers that can promote your cryptocurrency and bring you success.

It starts with working with respectable influencers that are revered by their followers and the crypto community at large.

This gives your project a degree of credibility courtesy to the influencers you are working with. You may also need to check the history of the influencers you are working with. Some influencers may only be popular with retail investors. You also want to work with influencers in good standing with venture capital firms.

In short, do due diligence on the blockchain influencers you want to work with. This is why it is always advisable to work with crypto agencies such as CryptoPromo. You will have the work cut out for you as they have a network of vetted crypto influencers that will work for the greater good of your cryptocurrency project.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by aligning with the wrong crowd. Get the best influencers.

Final Thoughts: Can Top Blockchain Influencers Promote Your Cryptocurrency

There is no doubt that top blockchain influencers can make your project successful. In the last few years, Elon Musk has played a pivotal role in growing Dogecoin’s community. Musk is not a blockchain influencer at all. 

In the 20220 to 2022 bull run, Shiba became a wildly successful meme coin thanks in part to its genius effort of donating a large portion of its token to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

There are also stories where other projects became successful thanks to a host of blockchain influencers they worked with. The same can be true for your project if you play your cards right.

Do you want to find a pool of top blockchain influencers that can successfully grow and promote your project? Do you also want to work with an influencer agency that makes this step easy for you?

If so, get in touch with CryptoPromo and start a new journey that will see your project on top of the world.


July 2024