How to Effectively Leverage Crypto YouTube Marketing for Your Project

The cryptocurrency industry has become a jungle for project creators. CoinMarketCap data shows more than 22,000 cryptocurrency projects exist, and each is vying for the attention of the same investors. How, then, does a project one-up its competitors and present its value proposition to investors and intended stakeholders? There are various ways to do this. But one of the most effective, yet under-utilized ways of achieving this goal is leveraging the power of crypto YouTube marketing.

Before delving deeper into how YouTube marketing works in crypto, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the video-streaming giant.

Why YouTube is a Goldmine for Crypto Marketing

If you own a smartphone, there is a high chance that you have a YouTube app installed on your mobile device. This is how important YouTube has become. And in most cases, it comes pre-installed on the phone. 

The real interest though lies in its wide reach. YouTube is more than just a streaming platform. It has become a search engine. As of February 2023, YouTube is the second-visited website in the world, only behind its sister company Google.

Similar Web data shows that YouTube received nearly 98.6 billion visits in the first quarter of 2023.

YouTube Traffic Analysis in Q1 2023

YouTube Traffic Analysis in Q1 2023. | Source:

What is even more interesting is the audience demographics. Nearly 60% of YouTube’s visitors are male and 74% are aged between 18 and 44. The majority of crypto investors are millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and data shows that in the US, 57% of crypto owners are millennials. 

YouTube is a ready market that crypto projects can leverage to reach new audiences and attract investors. 

However, crypto YouTube marketing is not a walk in the park. It requires the right strategy to yield tangible results.

How to Use Crypto YouTube Marketing to Achieve Your Goals

Several strategies can be leveraged for successful crypto marketing on YouTube. The key to promoting your project hinges on proper crypto marketing. Crypto YouTube marketing should be on your list, or even at the top.

There are many ways to skin a cat, and on the same note, there are several ways to approach crypto marketing on YouTube. Let’s look at some of the ways you can utilize YouTube to unlock the power of crypto marketing to drive your project closer to its goals.

Crypto Influencer Marketing

A YouTube cryptocurrency influencer marketing campaign is a strategy that involves leveraging the power and reach of established YouTubers to promote a project. This involves striking a deal with crypto-focused YouTubers that have a decent size of followers or subscribers.

Here are some reasons why crypto YouTube influencer marketing works like a charm.

Crypto Investors Connect with Crypto YouTubers

YouTube has become a platform where creators connect with their audiences. YouTubers usually interact with their audiences in various ways. As a result, crypto investors have forged a connection with the influencers.

The viewers develop a ‘bond’ with the creators and in most cases, they trust them. Therefore, if a crypto YouTube influencer endorses or mentions a project, there is a high chance that the majority of the audience will at least vet it, if not invest in it at once.

Crypto YouTubers Have a Ready Market

When you are advertising your project, you want to preach to the choir. This simply means that you don’t want to burn your budget by looking for people who might be interested in your project.

Crypto YouTube influencers have built a following of investors interested in jumping onto the next big thing. This means that projects will leverage the power of YouTube influencers and this yields a better return on the advertising budget.

With the rise in blockchain influencers, the next most important step is knowing how to pick the right crypto YouTubers for your project.

How to Leverage Influencers in Crypto YouTube Marketing

There are a lot of crypto YouTubers you can choose from. This is something that you can do on your own. You will need to search for YouTubers and after finding them, negotiate deals with them. 

The best way around this is outsourcing the work to a marketing agency that connects you with crypto YouTubers.

You can leverage the experience, industry connections, and expertise of to navigate around crypto YouTube marketing. CryptoPromo will help you gain maximum exposure by connecting your project with respected and easily recognizable crypto influencers. 

This frees you a lot of time that you can devote to refining your crypto product and service. CryptoPromo’s extensive network of top crypto YouTube influencers provides the following benefits to new and existing projects:

  • High return on investment (yield)
  • Maximum exposure and the ability to effectively target users and potential investors.
Benefits of Using CryptoPromo for Business Growth

Benefits of Using CryptoPromo for Business Growth

How to Leverage Videos and Shorts in Crypto YouTube Marketing

You should never underestimate the power of videos and YouTube shorts in crypto marketing. It is estimated that 72%% of consumers prefer videos to learn about products or services. This is also the case due to the emergence of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram that support short reels.

Why do videos and YouTube shorts matter in your crypto marketing strategy?

They give your brand a chance to be personable and human. You can utilize them to connect with an audience while promoting your business to an audience that is ready to listen to you.

YouTube shorts are also very important because they can help businesses hook their audience in the shortest possible amount of time. YouTube shorts and other short-form videos have become the modern elevator pitch that grabs the attention of your audience. Mobile devices have killed people’s attention spans and users simply want informative and engaging content in short formats.

The YouTube videos and shorts need to have catchy headlines and thumbnails to grab the attention of the viewers. This is where half of the job is done. The rest will depend on the content itself.

How to Leverage Crypto Ads for YouTube Marketing

The crypto industry has had a difficult relationship with YouTube and other big tech companies when it comes to ads. Luckily, YouTube finally came to the party but with some caveats.

Cryptocurrency businesses, especially those offering exchange and wallet services, will need to meet several requirements before their ads can be approved. Another silver lining is that YouTube’s new CEO, Neil Mohan, is crypto-friendly

Now is the time to make ads with high conversion rates. How is this done? Pre-roll (skippable ads) have been the most effective YouTube ad format since 2019, at least according to marketing professionals. It may also be good to test different ad formats until you find the one that works best for you and the message you are sending.

Most effective YouTube ad formats

Most effective YouTube ad formats. |Source:

Keep in mind that the purpose of your ads is to engage and lead the viewer to act on a certain action that aligns with your business goals. Create an advertisement that reflects your brand, speaks on your behalf, and explicitly outlines what the viewer needs to do after watching the video. This could be visiting the website page or anything of that sort.

How to Leverage Giveaways in Crypto YouTube Marketing

Giveaways can also form part of your crypto YouTube marketing strategy. 

Many YouTube channels use giveaways to increase viewership and subscriber count. In the crypto world, giveaways and airdrops are utilized to build a community that rallies behind a project. Many people appreciate how communities are the driving forces that can either make or break projects.

Crypto projects use giveaways and airdrops to generate excitement and grow a base of enthusiasts. You can do the same for your crypto YouTube channel if you have one. Viewers can enter the giveaway by subscribing to your channel, commenting, or carrying out any other simple task that gives your crypto project increased visibility and exposure.

YouTube Podcasts for Crypto Marketing

Attending podcasts is another avenue that can be explored to ramp up your crypto YouTube marketing strategy.

There are many reasons for this. The crypto industry is awash with scam projects that raise funds from trusting investors and then pull off exit scams. 

Going to podcasts helps crypto projects send the message that they are in it for the long run and stand by what they are building. This significantly increases trust and makes it easier for investors to invest in a project or use its services

YouTube podcasts or interviews can be used as a stepping stone to getting coverage in mainstream media. It gives project leaders the chance to position themselves as authority figures in their fields. This attracts much-needed attention from the crypto community.

Final Thoughts: Leveraging Crypto YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a powerful platform whose reach can catapult crypto projects to success. Crypto YouTube marketing involves a lot of planning and strategizing and can produce wonderful results if done right.

New and existing crypto projects can utilize advertising, podcasting, and giveaways to gain exposure and grow their businesses.

Crypto influencer marketing is another strategy that has become popular because of its high success rate. You can also find this level of exposure by letting experienced marketing agencies handle it for you.

Reach out to CryptoPromo, a team of experts that can take your crypto YouTube marketing campaign to the next level by connecting you with the best crypto YouTubers.


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