Why Effective Crypto Promotion Strategies Are Key to Growing your Community and Project

A blockchain project, no matter how good it is, needs to be promoted and marketed to the right audience. There are several crypto promotion strategies that you can implement to put your project on the map. However, some strategies are more effective than others. 

The purpose of this article is to show you why effective crypto promotion strategies are important in your quest to grow your community and project.

What is Crypto Promotion?

Crypto promotion goes hand-in-hand with your marketing plan. A marketing plan is a detailed outreach campaign designed to reach the targeted audience. It includes the message to send out, distribution platforms for articles & press releases, and how to engage with the audience. Some of the most used marketing tactics to create hype include:

Issuing press releases 

This is not the entire list. But the end goal for having an elaborate marketing plan is effective crypto promotion.

Why do Effective Crypto Promotion Strategies Matter?

Effective crypto promotion strategies matter for obvious and non-obvious reasons. The crypto industry is only 15 years old. It is young and many people are yet to get to terms with the value proposition of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and other sectors built around this novel technology.

Here are some reasons why good crypto promotion strategies should be central to any blockchain project.

Communities Are Very Important

The success of Bitcoin should serve as an example of how a blockchain project can be marketed. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto that eventually gave up control of the Bitcoin project and left no digital trail.

The Bitcoin community picked up the project where Satoshi left and the rest is history. The project has become a success thanks to a faceless army of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

In essence, Bitcoin is a community project. This highlights why building a great community is essential for your project.

This blueprint is not exclusive to the Bitcoin community alone. Meme coins such as Dogecoin have become what they are today because of the role played by their loyal communities.

But such strong communities don’t spring up from anywhere. You need to put in the work to get them on your side. 

This is where crypto promotion comes into the picture. But how do you go about it?

Leveraging the Expertise of Crypto Marketing Agencies

Crypto promotion is a double-edged sword. If you don’t do it right, it will negatively affect your project despite the merit of its technology or utility.

However, if done right, crypto promotion can catapult any project to the heights reached by leading cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

The best way to achieve this is to seek the services of an experienced marketing agency such as 

CryptoPromo’s value proposition is to link your project with top YouTube influencers that effectively promote your project. This is important because influencer marketing has become very important in the digital age. Consumers and viewers tend to trust influencers before purchasing a product.

crypto influencer

Crypto Promotion — Connect with Top Influencers for Maximum Exposure

Crypto influencers are also important for projects. They help projects reach out to a crypto-focused audience from the word go. The results usually come in fast.

Unfortunately, many projects burn lots of cash and time trying to get the right influencers for their project. They can bypass this undesired step by using professional crypto marketing agencies in general and CryptoPromo in particular.

When effective crypto promotion strategies are put to use, you will reap several benefits.

A Successful Presale

Let’s face it. Crypto projects need to have a successful presale to continue building their products. Without this funding, the project may be as good as dead.

Secondly, a presale can be used to gauge how the wider crypto community sees your project. If many people or investors are interested in your project from the beginning, then it’s a good indication that the future is bright.

You can have a successful presale or initial coin offering if your crypto promotion game is top-tier. You need to pull all the stops to get your project in front of your targeted audience.

This is also the time that you can bring your community through various means such as giveaways, competitions, etc.

Reduced Marketing Budget

Cryptocurrency startups spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, on marketing alone. If the marketing fail to hit the mark at the start of the campaign, the project will need to spend even more money.

However, an effective crypto promotion strategy saves both time and money. How so?

When a project is well-marketed across different platforms, it is easy to build a community that easily does most of the marketing. 

Communities are the biggest forms of organic marketing that crypto projects crave for. A good example is ChainLink, one of the large-cap cryptocurrency projects whose success can be partly attributed to a community of organic marketers known as Link Marines

This happens if the project hits a home run on its marketing strategy.

Emerge from the Shadows

The majority of cryptocurrency projects are marketed on social media platforms that include Twitter, Discord, Reddit, etc. The projects usually get coverage on mainstream platforms through paid press releases and sponsored content.

However, a proper marketing strategy can make it easy for projects to get organic coverage in mainstream media. This is important as mainstream media may give a ‘stamp of approval’ on crypto projects.

This does not come easy but it can be done. A cryptocurrency project can achieve this by:

  • Sponsoring events/hackathons
  • Appearing on podcasts and interviews
  • Writing authority guest articles on mainstream or crypto-focused media
  • Partnering with well-respected crypto influencers

Partnering with respected crypto influencers may have a snowball effect that gets other YouTubers to freely talk about your project. This is where CryptoPromo proves beneficial to its clients.

Shout the Loudest

Unless you are in the library, shouting the loudest is a good thing. The crypto industry is very competitive yet there is a limited number of investors that all projects have to fight for.

Projects that shout the loudest get to take the prize home. Shouting the loudest simply means having a marketing strategy that builds hype and drives people to your project.

Effective crypto promotion strategies build communities and attract key stakeholders to your projects. They could be venture capitalists, reporters, retail investors, or even advisors.

Credibility and Trust

Many people (including regulators) sadly see the crypto sphere as the ‘Wild West’ of the financial world. And the industry is partly to blame because it has shot itself in the foot through:

  • Exit scams that fleeced millions from unsuspecting investors
  • Hacks that have drained millions of investors’ funds
  • Spectacular bankruptcies that cast a bad light on the industry

Normally, any new or lesser-known cryptocurrency project is subjected to a certain degree of skepticism. This turns away investors and potential community members that could otherwise offer a meaningful contribution to the growth of the project.

A well-thought-out crypto promotion strategy can counter this. How?

A project can have a voice in the industry. This can happen through setting up interviews and podcasts and reaching out to reporters and influencers.

When leaders are seen to be leading from the forefront, a project’s credibility and trust score dramatically goes up.

Sustained Momentum

Projects usually generate a lot of momentum and hype during their launch phase. This momentum usually fizzles out as time passes by. 

A once-promising project simply slides into obscurity and once in a while, it emerges on the crypto radar before retreating to its dormancy shell.

By far and large, one of the most important aspects of any effective crypto promotion strategy is the ability to sustain momentum. 

A good marketing plan allows a crypto project to continue making waves long after it has been launched. You can achieve this by leveraging crypto YouTube marketing, constantly targeting the right audience, and engaging with your community in various ways. Here is a guide to promoting your business.

Final Thoughts: Putting Crypto Promotion to Good Use

It should be clear by now that effective crypto promotion strategies either make a project. The beauty and pain of crypto marketing are that there is no universal formula to follow. This makes marketing in the crypto space very challenging.

On the bright side, projects that hit the marketing nail on the head will gain a huge advantage that will leave them in a good position to succeed.

Some projects avoid this burden by hiring professional marketing agencies. This is a great step as it leaves the difficult task of marketing in the hands of experts.

Speaking of experts, CryptoPromo is one of the leading crypto marketing agencies that has spent many years developing sustainable and successful crypto promotion strategies for various clients. Get in touch with CryptoPromo today if you want to take your crypto project to the next level (at least from a marketing view).


July 2024